PolyCentral Florida

PolyCentral is A Social/Discussion Group
for those Polyamorous in the Orlando area.
PolyCentral's mission is to provide a forum for socialization and discussion, between members of the Central Florida/Orlando Polyamorous Community.

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Regular Meetings & Events
To receive information on location of meetings & events, please subscribe to our Announcement List.

In order to facilitate frank, open discussions and minimize interruptions, all PolyCentral meetings are adult only. You must be 18 or over to attend. Please do not bring children of any age to meetings. We do host other events (like picnics) that are family friendly.

In order to protect the privacy and to ensure confidentiality of those attending our PolyCentral meetings,
We want to make sure everyone understands that what is said at the meetings is personal, private and confidential. At the beginning of each meeting, we will ask everyone to verbally agree that what is said at the meetings stays at the meetings. By joining our announcement list and attending a meeting, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
NO audio, video, photographic, or recording equipment of any kind will be permitted.
We meet locally in Orlando in a private meeting room. Location reminders are sent to members of the Announcement list twice monthly. Click on the red "Join List" button on the left to subscribe..
What to expect
  • Inform everyone of group events, business issues and also Meeting rules & requirements.
We will remind everyone that their attendance at the meeting means they have agreed to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all information shared at the meeting. What is said at the meetings is between those attending and should stay that way.
  • Participate in Check-in - introduce yourself (first name) to the group, tell a bit about yourself and/or what brought you (optional) and listen while others bring everyone up to speed on their lives. Please do not talk while others are checking in. No side conversations, either participate or wait quietly
  • Socializing and open discussions on any topics of interest.
Polycentral closed it's doors in the fall of 2012. This website remains as a link to other groups and information sources, as well as an archive of PolyC's history and philosophy. The mail list also remains for anyone who has attended a Florida poly meeting.