PolyCentral Florida

PolyCentral is A Social/Discussion Group
for those Polyamorous in the Orlando area.
PolyCentral's mission is to provide a forum for socialization and discussion, between members of the Central Florida/Orlando Polyamorous Community.

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A brief history of PolyCentral
How did PolyCentral come about?
The first meeting of PolyCentral took place in May 2000. A group of folks had been attending the PolyOrlando and PolyTampa meetings, which at the time, were both more of a support group format. PolyCentral was formed as more of a social venue for the Orlando area polyamory community. The founders decided that if they just got together at a set time and place for lunch once a month - it was worth doing. If more polyamorous people also came out, so much the better. Thus, PolyCentral was formed.

The first few meetings were held at Cha Cha Coconuts in Altamonte Springs, on the first Saturday of the month.
Over the Years
The group grew by leaps and bounds. By October 2000, meeting attendance was already regularly reaching 25-30 people at each meeting. Our largest meetings were in 2002/2003 in which it was not uncommon for meeting attendance to be 55-60 people. PolyOrlando, the support group venue, eventually dwindled after its organizer left the area. PolyCentral took on more of a discussion & social format over the years.

The group has met in a variety of locations, including;
Cha Cha Coconuts from May - Sept 2000
Olive Garden in Oct 2000
Hops in Altamonte from November 2000 - June 2001
La Piazza from July 2001 to May 2002
China Jade from June 2002 - June 2004
Downtown Media Art Center from July 2004 - July 2005
Various restaurants downtown. Aug. 2005 - Oct. 2005
Sachi's Japanese from Nov. 2005 - Jan. 2006

Donato's pizza from Feb. 2006 - July 2006
Orlando Downtown Library from August 2006 - March 2008
The Harp & Celt from April 2008 - May 2009
Tony Roma's from June 2009 to July 2012
Polycentral closed it's doors as of August 2012

Over the years, PolyCentral has hosted a variety of social events, including theme park outings, a Bahamas cruise, dancing, dinners, picnics, anniversary parties and Halloween parties. And who can forget all of the after meeting gatherings at people's homes that we did for years? And of course, members of this community participated in organizing and making the Florida Poly Retreat a reality in 2003 and 2006. The social aspects of PolyCentral certainly helped to bring people together outside of the meetings themselves. Many friendships and relationships have been formed.

We've seen people come and go over the years. Some of the folks involved in the first year of PolyCentral are still active parts of the community. And others have moved on... either physically or just don't need the community in their lives anymore. We've welcomed countless folks to the group over the years, some who have stuck around and others who only came to a meeting or two. It's all good.

While PolyCentral is not specifically a support group, we've been here to witness and help folks deal with some of life's and poly's greatest changes. Including weddings, divorces, break-ups, deaths of community members, deaths of family members, moves, sicknesses, new careers, loss of employment, new children, new relationships, coming out to family with mixed results and much more. Between all of our participants, we've probably experienced most of it. And we share our experiences with each other.

And like many groups, we've certainly had our share of squabbles - either in passionate online E-mail 'debates', or in personality conflicts.

It is our shared history that makes our group unique. And while not everyone still attends meetings or actively participates in the online components; each and every one of us has made our contribution to giving PolyCentral its own unique character. And we look forward to seeing how the group grows and is influenced by new folks who check out the group and perhaps stick around.

Polycentral closed it's doors in the fall of 2012. This website remains as a link to other groups and information sources, as well as an archive of PolyC's history and philosophy. The mail llist also remains for anyone who has attended a Florida poly meeting.