PolyCentral Florida

PolyCentral is A Social/Discussion Group
for those Polyamorous in the Orlando area.
PolyCentral's mission is to provide a forum for socialization and discussion, between members of the Central Florida/Orlando Polyamorous Community.

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PolyCentral Frequently Asked Questions
What is PolyCentral?
It is a social and discussion group of like minded people in the Central Florida area. We have a regular monthly meeting, catch up with old friends and meet new ones.
See our Meetings page for more information on our meeting schedule.
What happens at these meetings?
- We talk about our lives, issues and interests. We start the meetings off with a check-in- where everyone introduces themselves (first name, nickname or online name is fine), and has an opportunity (but not an obligation) to briefly talk about things going on in their lives - relationships, etc.
- In order to protect the privacy and to ensure confidentiality of those attending our PolyCentral meetings, no audio/video or photographic equipment will be permitted. We want to make sure everyone understands that what is said at the meetings is personal, private and confidential. At the beginning of each meeting, we will ask everyone to verbally agree that what is said at the meetings stays at the meetings. By joining our announcement list and attending a meeting, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
- After the check-in, we may either discuss as a group a topic that someone has brought up - or if no topic comes up - we break up into smaller discussion groups for general socialization. New attendees can sign up for our online discussion list.
What is the Announcement List?
It's just an Email reminder sent a few times a month. It has all the info on the next meeting. Where, When, possible topics, etc. Click here to sign up.
What is the Discussion List?
It's just an Email system that allows you to write or reply to one address and send the note to everyone on the list. We use it to hold online discussions, where you can read and comment at your leisure. We also use it for passing info or inviting people to some event - Dinner, movies, party, etc. The list is open to anyone who has attended a poly meeting in Florida. Other ways to get on the list include attending a PolyTampa, BrevardPoly meeting or PolyOcala meeting.
What kinds of people attend these meetings?
Meetings are open to all Polyamorous and Poly friendly people. It's a diverse group of like thinking people varying in race, religion, sexual orientation, with lots of diversity in age, gender identification and relationship status. You don't have to actually be in a relationship to attend. Singles who are poly minded are most welcome - this is not a couple-centric lifestyle like swing.
                             Everyone is considered an individual in PolyCentral.
Aren't Poly people the ones that like to fool around with each other?
So do you date each other or have relationships?
You're thinking of a swing group. Poly is not swinging. There is no sex at the meetings. Hugging and kissing is all that you see. Poly people are very affectionate, but we don't get naked and have sex at the meetings. This isn't that kind of group. We're simply a discussion group. Don't forget we meet in a public place. We would get thrown out or arrested. We have to behave as anyone else in a public place.
Please do not take liberties because you see others hugging and kissing. These are long term friends and lovers. Some people do not like hugging and kissing strangers. Please ask or wait until you are invited as you would in any other public setting.
Relationships can and do form between members of the group, but this is not a pick-up club or dating service. Some people who attend PolyCentral are already in multiple relationships are not actively seeking new relationships - they come to talk about their poly lifestyle with others who understand.
Who runs PolyCentral?
PolyCentral is a volunteer community run organization - and is organized by a group of people interested in PolyCentral's growth. Any active community participant can volunteer to assist with the organization of PolyCentral. As such, there is no one individual that can speak for PolyCentral.
How did PolyCentral come about?
Please click here for a brief history of PolyCentral.

Polycentral closed it's doors in the fall of 2012. This website remains as a link to other groups and information sources, as well as an archive of PolyC's history and philosophy. The mail list also remains for anyone who has attended a Florida poly meeting.